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Certain world-class wines are defined by a single vineyard source, made unique by its particular, singular environmental conditions including soil and climate... Others echo a broader range of tones reflective of several sites, carefully chosen and woven together demonstrating the art of blending wine produced from more than one site, estate or appellation. While Fisher Vineyards continues to build on the family's first generation successes that embrace the former philosophy, our second generation sets out to explore the later in UNITY.


Sourcing from small family growers in Napa Valley committed to sustainable farming practices, produce a wine that draws on the individual strengths of each site to create a single harmonious effect that reflects the strengths of each Napa Valley vintage.


Much as this wine brings together a variety of components to have a single, powerful effect, it also brings together a set of unique values: shared time to celebrate life with family and friends; healthful commitments to ourselves, our communities and the land for which we care; flavors of local foods and the culture of food stories.